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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 8, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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have details coming up. >> i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> our top story, federal investigators will comb the site of a plane crash that narrowly missed a watsonville hospital last night. two people were killed. amy hollyfield is live at the hospital. >> reporter: the eyewitness accounts are just incredible. wreckage is still here, they have not touched it. one man told our media partner that he was here in the parking garage and the plane hit two parking lot parking spaces. he said he saw two faces and two big sets of eyes. the two men on board were killed. it happened at 7:30 last night. plane crashed into a medical office building narrowly missing the main hospital building here at the watsonville community hospital.
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the blilgs department but no one was there except for the people that were actually on the plane. >> reporter: here a close-up shot. faa will be on scene to take a close look at the crash scene but no cause has been identified yet. witnesses say it was foggy at the time. the plane had just taken off from the watsonville municipal airport. it's registered under two men but names were not released. hospital was not affected by the crash so hospital workers were able to continue caring for their patients. this morning, survivors of a capsized fishing boat in mexico are expected back home in the bay area. at the same time family members of the seven men still missing are hoping they will have a reuin yoon in the near future.
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nick smith joins us. >> it's been tough for the families. 16 of the remaining 19 american survivors have crossed the mexican border and making their way home. most are from northern california. this photo was taken before their fishing trip. lost identification and a broken down truck, two men drove home on a truck but the truck broke down. now, they are on a greyhound bus. a family member said they wanted to wait until they could find everyone but they really needed to get back home. >> they were eaten by jellyfish but they needed to come home. >> it's been five days since 27 passengers were tossed into the warm sea of cortez which is about hundred miles south of san
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felipe and three miles off the coast after a freak thunderstorm and capsized their chartered fishing boat. they have found the fishing boat and plan to send a dive drew out this sunday. more importantly the families want to make sure that investigators know that they would like the attention and pressure kept on mexican authorities until all of those who are missing are found. we're live in san jose, nick smith, "abc 7 news." >> we finally know the name of a man shot to death by bart police at civic center station. they identified him as 45-year-old charles hill. he a transient with no known address. hill was shot after he threw a vodka bottle at an officer and came at him and another officer with a knife. one officer was carrying a taser but didn't use it.
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one officer is a six year veteran and the other has been on the force for about a year. both are on routine administrative leave. they are doubling the size of the pipeline inspection team. cpuc crew will have 18 members, double the number before the san bruno disaster. california puc is creating a new unit aimed at preventing another san bruno explosion. the purpose is to improve pipeline safety. >> they are recommending san francisco overhaul the subway project. the system will extend muni's metro service from financial district to chinatown but the extension does not answer the city's transportation problems. they criticized the proposed rout route saying it on worsen
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the performance rate and it will add to the city's deficit. a measure to repeal california's death penalty and replace with life in prison has passed a state committee. the death penalty does not reduce crime. there are 714 people on death row at annual cost of $184 million. republicans say that life in prison without parole does not serve as deterrent for repeat offenders. only 13 inmates has been executed since it's been reinstated since 1978. yesterday we saw the real return of the fog yesterday to cool things down. >> maybe more. it looks like today will be exactly like yesterday. we'll see thicker fog as we head into the weekend. that will signify a deepening of the cooling trend. storm track is well to the
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north. a little bit of an offshore breeze and middle parts of the atmosphere and central valley and some of the east bay valleys will be pretty warm this afternoon. right now those areas, fremont, livermore and antioch and fairfield, those cities in the low 60s. everybody else in the 50s if you are leaving the house right now. later on this afternoon, we'll have mid 90s in the east bay valleys. we'll have low to mid-80s, palo alto down to san jose, mid to upper 80s in the north bay valleys. we'll have upper 50s to low 70s around san francisco and oakland and 50s out at the coast. peninsula will have a harder time getting rid of fog. 70 in monterey. 89 in hollister and low to mid 90s for gilroy and morgan hill. seven-day forecast, expected it to be breezy this weekend and morning clouds will be thicker and that is why temperatures will be on the decline saturday all the way through wednesday.
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good morning. a sig alert, in the sunny vale, lawrence expressway, southbound 101 on jackknifed big rig, it's blocking the three right lanes, left lane is only lane getting by and from the map it doesn't look he can we have a lot of slowing but the on-ramp is blocked by the big rig. southbound 880 at stephenson, an earlier accident, the accident has been cleared out of lanes but you may sigh some drivers swerving to avoid that debris on southbound 880. mass transit so far so good. everything checking in on time, no delays and let's take a look at bay bridge toll plaza, very light this morning, just a few clouds heading into san francisco. we're hoping for friday lighted at the bay bridge, as well. >> still ahead, the new proposal being proposed by the white house to help homeowners.
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>> and thousands of students are getting a helping hand for the beginning of the school year. >> plus, a proposal p toll microchip your pet. >> a few of them may want to do something else for vacation next year.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, topping america's money, big pickup trucks shall not selling and there could be price wars and later this year.
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biggest inventory is gm's pickup but not a problem for toyota prius. this year's should beat last year's. increase in prius sales was fueled by high gas prices. back to school sales are starting pretty early this year. one reason for that is stores are nervous about consumer spending despite the good spending numbers, last year consumers spent more than $55 million on back to school shopping. that is america's money. police chief in grand rapids michigan says two hostages are safe after a man killed seven people and then himself in a standoff. he shot himself inside a home where he was holding two people last night. it begin after four people were found dead in a home and three others were killed in another home across town. investigators are still trying to determine the exact motive.
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>> obama administration has unveiled a latest plan to help certain homeowners in danger of foreclosure. to miss a year of mortgage payments while they try to find a new job. expanded assisted expands from four months. the change could help tens of thousands of people keep their homes. >> 2,000 low income children in san jose will soon be getting a he'd start. like last year, the youngsters are getting in line at sacred heart community service to register for free backpacks filled with school supplies. a spokesperson says it's more needed than ever. sacred heart says they can use more backpacks, if you would like to help outing to and click on see it on tv and we have a link to their website. >> san jose police are
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investigating the hacking of a tech museum. a hacker broke into the system, capturing up to 800 museum's name and addresses and phone numbers. hacker posted the information through twitter friday before it was taken down. hacker also tweeted homophobic slurs. they are working with twitter and notifying affected members. they called police when abc7 called to ask about the hack attack. >> proposed merger between at&t and t-mobile is calling for criticism between several groups. they are investigating the merger and effects on the economy at a hearing yesterday. at&t's president says it would be a boost for california. >> we believe this merger has a win-win for california. i think it's going to provide certainly jobs and new technology. >> we're just very concerned
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that the lack of competition is going to mean only one thing to consumers and that prices are on a steady skyrocket up. >> california is the only state requiring a hearing about the wireless merger. >> there is growing gap between men and women when it comes to heart health. they found that the death rates are dropping faster among men than in women. women often have different warning signs of a heart attack and delay seeing a doctor. the result that women are more likely to die in the first year after a heart attack. >> pain can be more subtle, a sense of pressure in the chest and half don't have chest pain at all. they may have nausea or unusual fatigue. one of study's co-author's
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sayend are bias plays a role because there are not enough studies on women. >> there is a bill requiring all impounded pets to be required a microchip. each year california shelters take in nearly a million dogs and cats, after of fought sleep because the owners can't be found. >> pets that are not microchipped and get lost, only 13% are returned. if you have a microchip and it's nearly three-fourths. controllers. they say euthanizing pets cost the state about $300 million a year. >> in spain, one man was gored and three others injured in the second run of the running of the bulls.
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24-year-old australian man was gored in the leg after taunting a 1200 pound bull. my mom always told me don't do that. the festival has six more runs left. thousands go to pamplona each year to see the festival. >> hey, driving in on the embarcadero this morning, there was detour around folsom and mike, it looks like there is a movie shoot going on. a little closure around the embarcadero because they are shooting around folsom. >> how dare they get in our commute. >> it hurts at 3:00 in the morning. even a did he dee tour. >> exactly. >> figured it had a to be a film. but it's not going to get too hot.
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clouds haven't made it to the area yet. looks like a lot of sunshine, temperatures around 65. >> that sounds good. maybe we can walk over and be extras. >> go get some lunch down at the ferry building to check it out. it's always nice. >> saw a lot of people there. they have a trolley car there and for 3:00 in the morning. >> let's talk about what is going on for your commute, hopefully they won't be there. once the ferry building they will have a lot of people coming back into work. beautiful picture, looking down from sutro back at san francisco you see the marine layer clouds and isn't that gorgeous, the clouds just coming over the buildings. you seat some of the clouds along the east bay shore and
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here is another perspective from vollmer peak. talk about the temperatures, not moving much. we still have the same areas in the 50s, fairfield, mountain view, and everybody else in the 50s. around the monterey bay and inland, temperatures in the low to mid-50s with cloudy conditions. by the afternoon hours, sunny and still be pretty warm inland while the rest of us around the bay and coast will feel pretty mild. more clouds, comfortable conditions tonight as more of us will be in the 50s. cooling trend for the afternoon hours, it will be the weekend when it's going to drop and it still looks like that will be the case. we'll ramp up just a little bit in concord and fremont, one degree warmer, and about 6 degrees warmer in oakland and santa rosa. 14 hours 39 minutes of sunshine before it sets at about 8:34. clouds and how they are trying to push into the bay shore over the next couple of hours. we get to 9:00, the clouds
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quickly back to the peninsula coast and that is kind of where they'll linger. spread today, 50s along the coast to on the's inland. we'll start in the south bay, have near 90-degree temperatures in los gatos, everybody else in the upper 80s. same thing in palo alto, menlo park, then we have mid to upper 80s in millbrae and san mateo. 62 in daly city. mid to upper 80s in north bay valleys with low on 50s at your beaches. low to mid 70 ease, richmond, berkeley, san leandro and upper 70s to low 80s into castro fro valley. livermore 95. morgan hill gilroy, 89 in hollister and low to mid 70s around the monterey bay. heading to at&t park, mets are
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in town so the team is here and we'll get a play on the east coast. 7:15 first pitch, dropping down to 58. mid to upper 50s around the bay. low 50s around fairfield and antioch. seven-day forecast, there is your cooling trend finally moving into our inland neighborhoods, temperatures back into the low 80s by wednesday, near 70 around the bay and upper 50s at the coast. good morning, thank you very much. we've got problems and an issue. santa clara county, southbound 101 lawrence expressway, just past fair oaks, sig alert because of a jackknifed big rig. only left lane is getting by. they don't show a lot of slowing there but it will affect the morning commute.
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the embarcadero, a movie being filmed there, section of embarcadero was shut down early this morning between folsom and spear, they have a detour in place and so far no problems as you can see there. san mateo bridge is looking good and drive to foster city, before you leave the house, wee has all the traffic information. coming up next, the major political player that has been elected in connection with a growing hell phone hacking scandal in britain. >> and british royal couple touched down in los angeles
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welcome back. london police have arrested the former editor of a british tabloid at the center of a phone hacking scandal that is bringing embarrassment to the british government because he ones served as david cameron's spokesman. the paper will publish it's last edition after losing advertisers and they decided to shut it down. tabloid is accused of hacking into a murdered school girl's family as well as bribing police for information. the closure will leave the 200 people unemployed. >> i'm completely surprised. in a distant past these things had occurred. >> the tabloid highly paid editors is being moved to another location. revenue from the paper's final
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issue will go to charity. los angeles is getting spruced up getting ready to welcome prince william and catherine. they rode on a stage coach during a play downtown and security will be very tight in l.a. for their arrival. they will be staying at a home of the british consul general and film industry people. >> little kids love the beard. >> san francisco giants all star closer brian wilson gave hundreds of kids each a glove yesterday at at&t park. wilson made a donation to the giants community fund designed
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to give children the opportunity to play baseball and held a question and answer question. they watched them beat the san diego padres 2-1 as a point. >> very exciting. >> how many americans were jobless and what the latest unemployment numbers can reveal about the strength of the economy. >> federal investigators will object scene here in watsonville to see why a plane crashed into a medical center. i'm amy hollyfield and a live report coming up. >> and a souvenir that cost the baseball fan his life and has the rangers and a's in mourning. >> we do see cooler weather, boston in 75. 71 in portland. traveling everywhere else, it's
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i'm amy hollyfield live in watsonville where officials will hold a briefing this morning to release details about the investigation into a plane crash that killed two people. also this morning, the survivors of the fishing boat accident off baja california are returning home to the bay area. search resumes at daybreak for seven men still missing. >> a live look at sfo this morning where the clouds are staying away and so are the delays. we'll talk about a cooling trend after today's bump up in
5:30 am
temperatures. >> we have a sig alert in santa clara county area of jackknifed big rig, more coming up. >> live picture from florida, crew members being strapped in and count down continues for this morning's launch of the space shuttle atlantis, despite the forecast of bad weather. could be the final mission space program. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> federal investigators are expected at the scene of a plane crash in watsonville to figure out why a small plane went down not all that far from a hospital. amy hollyfield joins us from watsonville with more. >> reporter: federal and local officials will be briefing the media at 10:00 this morning. the wreckage is still here. they pulled the plane out of the billion overnight so they could recover the bodies, but they still have a parking lot roped off.
5:31 am
they left the wreckage in place. they want to protect the integrity of the investigation. the plane crashed at 7:30 and first hit the parking lot at the watsonville community hospital and skidded and crashed into a medical office building. it missed the hospitals main building luckily. it happened after business hours so no one was in the medical offices that the plane crashed this n to. >> we never could have had something like no have happened especially right in our building it's pretty big. we're kind of lucky we weren't out there. >> here a close-up shot taken by santa cruz sentinel, two men were on board. they were killed. the plane is registered to two men from santa cruz, names of the victims have not been released. witnesses say it was foggy at the time so there is speculation among people at the airport the fog might have caused the pilot some problems but the cause has not been determined.
5:32 am
the whom was not affected. it hit an office building, not the main building so operations were able to continue as normal at the hospital. a coastguard c-130 will be back in the air to continue search searching for seven men missing off the coast of mexico. some arrived last night after their boat capsized. lilian kim has the latest. >> don lee's family sat down for a conference call with officials. it was the chance to get the latest information on the missing people. >> it's good for us because they tell us what has been going on down there, the areas they've been searching and what they are looking for. but for us we want to get divers down there. >> a u.s. coastguard c-130 crew
5:33 am
completed a search grid but neither they nor mexican search teams found anything. 16 of the survives made their way across the border. bruce from walnut creek is among them. this photo was taken before their trip. while some of the survivors wanted to stay in mexico to help any way they could, the conditions left them no choice. >> the plane will be in the air today, as for the dive team, one is scheduled to arrive on sunday to search for the sunken boat. >> for the first time jaycee dugard is speaking out about the time she spent in prison after being kidnapped. she talked about her kidnapping at the age of 11 by philip and nancy garrido. she spent some nights chained to a bed. she gave birth to two daughters
5:34 am
fathered by garrido. >> yeah, i did. >> fill ip and nancy garrido was given life sentences. she and her daughters are trying to start a new life. you can see more of the interview on "good morning america" and entire interview at prime time special sunday night at 9:00 right here. more police will be patrolling the streets of oakland. they voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new contract requiring them to pay 9% into their own pensions. in exchange the city promises no police layoffs until the contract expires. 22 laid off cops will be re-hired. the agreement will cost officers between $9,000 and $16,000 a year but will save the city $65
5:35 am
million over the next four years. >> we get 22 officers who are unemployed who are sitting at home, not having any money coming into their families, i was hoping to bring back 44 officers. i'm very proud of our officers. >> police officers are he humans, too. they have real financial situations themselves so they are digging down deep in their own pockets to help out the city >> the re-hired officers will be back on the streets by early august. >> man police say snatched a drawing off a san francisco art gallery remains in jail on $5 million bail. they found him in an apartment in napa yesterday. they say he had the drawing ready for shipment. lugo flew into san francisco on 4th of july and they say he told the drawing the next day. surveillance video from a nearby
5:36 am
restaurant helped crack the case. he worked at high end restaurants in new york. >> in texas a rangers fan fell to his death last night during the game against the oakland a's. in the second inning, rangers outfielder josh hamilton had a foul ball and the fan leaned over and fell 20 feet head first on to the concrete behind the wall. witnesses say he was conscious after the fall. they say the man was saying please check on my son. i was here with my son. he was taken out on a stretcher. firefighters say the man went into a full cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital. the labor department released the latest jobs reported and it's very disappointing. they say the u.s. unemployment rate in june went up, 9.2%, one-tenth of a percentage point,
5:37 am
the number jobs added in may has been revised downward and one piece of news and then another. >> and temperatures are forecast downward, as well. >> after today, cooling trend finally moves into our inland neighborhoods, we haven't seen the 100s but you see the cool air ready to make a left turn and head toward the bay area but it will do that more likely tomorrow than today. we do have a west wind at sfo at about 12. southwest wind at 15. believe there was a wind advisory at one time for the benicia bridge, everybody else pretty quiet out there. as far as temperatures, mainly away from santa rosa, san rafael san francisco and half moon bay, 1-4 degrees cooler than yesterday. by 8:00, we're still stuck in the 50s and 60s with clouds
5:38 am
lingering around the bay shore and also out to the coast. by noon, those clouds are out to the coast and we'll have temperatures in the 60s and 70s around the bay and 70s and 80s inland. destination, throw mid 90s east bay valleys and low 50s at the coast. good morning, sue. no wind advisories at this time although it was a little windy earlier this morning. we'll be back to santa clara county, sig alert still in effect, southbound 101, lawrence expressway, past fair oaks, jackknifed big rig, three right lanes are in place and left lane is the only lane getting by right now. expressway on-ramp is also closed. check the embarcadero, we have a movie being filmed there jason seagull and partial closures
5:39 am
this morning. >> all right. sounds good. >> still ahead, some city leaders are being rubbed the wrong way. >> and deadly amtrak crash, you haven't heard the whole story. what company lawyers are saying in client ease defense. >> and caltrans versus redwoods, major court decision that could put a big highway project in northern california on hold.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a federal judge is ordering caltrans to stop work on a controversial plan to cut wider highway lanes in redwood county. it's to accommodate large trucks. they would have to cut into the towering redwoods. several groups caltrans failed to analyze the environmental impact as required by law. >> an attorney representing the nevada trucking than whose truck crashed into amtrak train is defending the safety record. they say they were not at fault for the accident that is cited in safety records. he says the company is cooperating with investigators. the company is waiting to find out why the driver ignored flashing lights and crossing
5:43 am
gates before skidding into that amtrak train. the driver and five passengers died in the crash. four lawsuits have been filed against the trucking company. >> san carlos city council meets next monday to consider a plan to temporarily ban new massage parlors from opening until further notice. they report there has been an increase on applications for massage permits. they speculate they may be linked to a change in law to certify therapists that avoid local scrutiny. they say san carlos has many legitimate establishments but some are engaged in prostitution. >> the labor department released a june jobs report and shows hirings have stalled. >> new warning about fluorescent light bulbs, what you need to do if you break one. >> despite the stormy weather, the historic florida launch
5:44 am
looks like a go this morning. i'll have the latest straight ahead. >> and surgeons perform the world's first transplant of a synthetic organ. what it could mean for you some day coming up.ttttttttt
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coming up on 5:47. the radar is quieter than the
5:47 am
last couple morning as rain shifting to the east. going to be hot around palm springs and fresno, 108 to 102. big sur 80. let's head up to the sierra, quiet weekend, 80 today and mid-80s in tahoe. 90 in yosemite and then mid-80s down around yosemite. down in southern california, kind of quiet, low to mid-80s in l.a. and low to mid-70s in san diego. >> nasa's father-in-law launch is expected to take off in two hours at 8:26 a.m. these are live pictures from cape canaveral in florida. you can see the four astronauts are suited up inside the shuttle. one of them is from san carlos, and last astronaut ever to board a space shuttle. nasa said no technical issues for atlantis but weather is
5:48 am
being assessed right now. >> all eyes are on the weather this morning as we watch and wait to see if nasa's final mission is a go. thursday the kennedy space center saw heavy downpours and lightning struck a third a mile away from the launch pad. the mission and final launch marks the end of an era. >> a lot of folks will be looking upon this flight as no other. we're very honored to be a part of it. >> it all began back in april of 1981. while the space shuttle program begin with great promise, legacy will be debated for years to come. critics point to its cost, $196 billion over four decades, more than twice the projected price tag and it's risks. 14 astronauts were killed when two of the five shuttles were
5:49 am
lost. also made less than half the flights promised. >> it will be remembered as too expensive to support which is reason we can't keep flying forever. >> but major achievements and stunning photos of the cosmos. the mission will last 12 days and include one spacewalk. final chore is hauling 8,000 pounds of groceries and goods for the crew of the international space station. they are ready to go but are they going to be able to launch? >> most of it is over in tampa. you see a drying trend to the south the red dot is where cape canaveral and that is why we think it's going to be a go. hopefully we'll get to show you
5:50 am
that sometime today. >> couple of vantage points, down from sutro tower, beautiful skyline and clouds that make it look so special and picturesque this morning. we want to go on to temperatures. here we go. low 60s antioch, mountain view and everybody else in the 50s. low to mid-50s with cloudy conditions around the monterey bay. it will be sunny and warm again inland. everywhere else it will be pretty mild and few clouds will linger along the coast. i expected you see more sunshine than yesterday. more clouds and comfortable as more of us are in the 50s and cooling trend arrives for all of us. today compared to average was still warmer in many areas, livermore, 7 degrees warmer. napa 3. san jose, 2. one in oakland and 2 in redwood city. temperatures in the east bay valleys, dublin, 92, brentwood
5:51 am
and livermore the warmest at 95. over on the east bear shore, castro valley and fremont around 80. berkeley and richmond keeping you in the low 70s. breeze keeping milpitas around 82. low 90s around saratoga and los gatos. breeze off the ocean will keep millbrae and san mateo in the mid-70s. low to mid-60s along the coast to near 70 in downtown san francisco and sausalito. valleys in mid to upper 80s. warm weather around morgan hill and gilroy. 89 in hollister and low to mid-70s around the monterey bay. mets are in town for a weekend game series with the giants. about 62 dropping down to 58. tonight look for more clouds around the coast and into the bay and spilling into the east
5:52 am
bay valleys where it will be partly cloudy and temperatures mainly in the 50s during the overnight hours. high pressure to our west, low pressure still have the same setup school districts just the high pressure is getting a little closer and bringing some of the cooler weather with it. temperatures by tuesday and wednesday, about 2-8 degrees cooler than today. have a great weekend, here is sue. >> we've got a good update for you. sig alerted has been lifted. santa clara county, sunnyvale area, lawrence expressway, we got a big tow truck and cleared it out. lawrence expressway on-ramp is reopened, as well. after a flurry of incidents we're looking good so far. mass transit checking in, no delays, everything is running on time. a great way to get around the bay area this friday morning. take a look at the bridges, wind advisory earlier on benicia bridge, that has been lifted. san mateo bridge, foster city to hayward, golden gate bridge, a
5:53 am
little slow down in the fog there but other than that no problems reported off the waldo grade, no meter lights are on, no delays at the toll plaza, so far so good this morning, before you leave the house, check and chick on for the latest traffic information. labor department just released june jobs report and it's not good news for people looking for a job. >> and wall street and jane king who joins us with the bloomberg business report. >> june's job report, labor department, a huge disappointment, here is the actual numbers. economy added less than 18,000 jobs. had or than 100,000 than they
5:54 am
expected. so a disappointing number coming from the government this morning. in the meantime, summer has just begun but it's time to shop for back to school. toys 'r' us rolling back to school discounts, staples have rebates for highlighteders. there are lots for retailers trying to get sales, they say last year consumers spent 'more than $55 million on back to school shopping. >> and, u.s. safety regulators, electric and hybrid vehicles have warnings for pedestrians after advocates for the blind raised concerns that they were dangerously quiet. a new warning and report warnings about the dangers of a broken fluorescent light bulb. when a bulb is broken, mercury
5:55 am
can be released for more than ten weeks. the levels of mercury emitted by broken bulbs can exceed the amount that is considered safe for people. if you do break one, you should remove it immediately and ventilate the room. >> a cancer patient is expected to leave the hospital in sweden after receiving the first transplant of a synthetic organ grown from his own stem cells. he suffered from cancer of the windpipe. doctors decided to use stem cells from the man's hip to grow cells on a manmade windpipe. they replaced the cancerous organ and the body did not reject the new windpipe. without that new transplant he would die. this is considered a landmark achievement for regenerative medicine.
5:56 am
patient no longer has cancer. doctors say he should now live a normal life. a north carolina man who has been waiting years for a kidney donor has found one through facebook. he has lived with kidney disease for a decade. in march, his sisters put up a facebook page and an old friend saw it and his wife decided to get test to see if she was a match. she decided to be david's donor. >> if i can help, just by donating a kidney, i got two. >> amy is a special person, this there is not many people that would do what is he doing. >> the transplanted surgery was wednesday and the family says he is doing very well. two great stories back-to-back there.
5:57 am
>> at 6:00 huge risk thieves were willing to take to get a handful of copper wires in the east bay. >> the faa will take a close look at the wreckage here in watsonville where a plane crashed last night. i'm amy hollyfield. i'll have a live update for you coming up.
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